ReRoll’s Year in Review - 2019

2019 was ReRoll’s most successful year yet. Here’s some of the highlights:

In July 2019 we moved entirely to online ticketing for all of our events. While initially this was met with some resistance, everyone eventually seems to have gotten onboard with the idea. This has substantially eased our accounting and logistics hassles.

One of the upsides of having all our ticketing and check-ins digital is that we now have a much better understanding of our audience profile. While we don’t have all of 2019’s data digitally, we’ve put together some data that we thought would be useful to share with the community.

How many people attended our events

How much in advance people buy tickets

When people show up at our weekly meetups

Repeat rates of our attendees

We’re looking forward to building on this platform and growing the board game hobby in India even further in 2020!

Is there any other interesting data you’d like for us to pull up? Let us know 👇